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Watch TV Without Profanity!  TVGuardian automatically mutes foul language while watching cable & satellite TV; movie channels like HBO, Starz, Showtime, Epix, Pay-Per-View and Video-on-Demand; and most DVDs.


What is it?

  • TVGuardian LT simply mutes phrases with foul language; it does NOT display closed captions like previous models.
  • New! Works with any HDTV, Standard TV and/or Audio Receiver.
  • Does not filter the following: Live News, Sporting Events, Streaming Video (ex. Netflix, Roku, Hulu), Gaming Consoles, Computers, DVDs with the SDH Logo, DTV Convertor Boxes, TiVo
  • New! Learns standard IR remote control codes to mute both a TV and an Audio Receiver.
  • New! No HDMI cable connection required for HDTV muting.
  • New! Smaller than a smartphone.
  • Connect two video sources: cable or satellite box, DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, VCR.
  • No monthly, annual or recurring fees

Filter Settings


  • Strict, Moderate and Tolerant Filter Settings.
  • Fine-Tune Filtering Options: Offensive Religious References, Sexual References, Hell/Dam.

More information about the TVGuardian LT here.

What is Included

  • Refurbished TV Guardian LT Foul Language and Profanity Filter
  • Component Cable
  • Composite Cable Splitter
  • Dual IR Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • One Year Warranty
  • 45-day Money Back Guarantee

TVGuardian LT Installation Video

Please understand how the TVGuardian works and it’s limitations before you place your order.

TVGuardian LT is the seventh TVGuardian model since 1998.  More than 12 million TVGuardian enabled products have helped families watch TV shows and movies without profanity and foul language!

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Dimensions 8.8 × 5.9 × 3 in


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