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TVGuardian 501HD Remote Help


Installing the battery on the TVGuardian 501HD remote control can be a bit tricky.  Please follow the instructions and images below for assistance.

Please ensure the battery is inserted properly into the remote control:

  • It should fit snugly in the battery tray
  • It should be able to slide into the tray without any resistance

The tray should be inserted with the notched side facing the back of the remote.

If you place the face of the remote control (the side w/ buttons) UP on a flat surface, the tray would be facing down and the NEGATIVE ( – ) side of the battery would be pointed up toward you and the face of the remote control. (SEE ABOVE IMAGE)

An easier way to install the battery is taking the face of the remote control and placing the buttons DOWN onto a flat surface.  The battery tray would be facing up and the POSITIVE ( + ) side of the battery would be facing up toward you. (SEE ABOVE IMAGES)


CLICK HERE to find out how to test your IR TVGuardian remote battery.

If the battery is inserted correctly and it still does not appear to be working, please unplug power from the TVGuardian 501 for one minute, and plug it back in. If that doesn’t seem to make any difference, CONTACT US and we can troubleshoot the problem further.