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“Here’s looking at you, kid.” CASABLANCA

This e-book features films from each decade and every genre. Many of the films listed were made in a time when filmmakers had to refrain from including curse words, exploitive sexuality or desensitizing violence. To younger members of the family, that means, these films are old! Understandably, a younger generation will not relate to styles and mannerisms of a time gone by, but here is something to keep in mind. Though haircuts change and clothing tightens, people all desire to be warm, to be fed, to be loved, to be respected, etc. In other words, we share a commonality with those of all generations. We’re really not all that different from one another. The following movies will entertain because they contain the most special special effect of all: great storytelling. (A few may be hard to find, but are worth the effort.)

Please keep in mind that it’s impossible to find a film wherein someone couldn’t find something to object to. My intention is to point out quality movies for your edification, films that will not bombard your senses with crudity or contain a flagrant disrespect for family values.

Note: Several films listed will be more enjoyable with the use of the TVGuardian foul language filter. The following symbol will be listed next to the films most in need of the TVGuardian: Use TVG.



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TVGuardian is a small box you connect to your TV and it automatically filters out foul language. To see about getting one for your home, go to


Take a look at the book MOVIES: The Good, the Bad, and the Really, Really Bad at here.



Phil Boatwright has been reviewing films and writing about Hollywood for over twenty years. His desire to is remind younger generations of great films from the past, as well as spotlight films from today that entertain or enrich without bombarding viewers with graphic or profane content. A Christian, Phil attempts to honor God through his work as well as serve parents and concerned moviegoers.

For more information about Mr. Boatwright’s work, go to his website (the Movie Reporter).


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