The Foul Language Filter

TVGuardian App for DISH Hopper 3

TVGuardian has just launched an app for the DISH Network Hopper 3!  If you have a DISH Hopper 3, press the Apps button on your Hopper remote to find the new TVGuardian App. Look for the TVGuardian App on other DISH Hopper models in the coming months!


TVGuardian App for the DISH HopperIf you have a DISH Hopper 3, press the Apps button on your Hopper remote to find the new TVGuardian App. Look for the TVGuardian App on other DISH Hopper models in the coming months.

Posted by TVGuardian – The Foul Language Filter on Friday, June 24, 2016


Tips and Tricks

    • Break in period:  The break in period is not for TVGuardian, it’s for you.  It may take a couple of weeks for you to get used to TVGuardian muting foul phrases, and popping up modified closed captioning during the mute.  Once you get used to it, you won’t want to watch TV without it!


  • When watching TV shows and movies with character names that have double meanings, like “Fun with Dick and Jane,” “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” “Cheers,” and “Toy Story,” please turn the TVGUARDIAN FILTER setting to TOLERANT or OFF.
  • Proper Noun – Known Bug Warning:  The TVGuardian Proper Noun test may trigger a crash.  This has been fixed, and you’ll receive the fix in the next software update.  If your Hopper or Joey crashes while TVGuardian is in the STRICT or MODERATE setting, change the TVGUARDIAN FILTER setting to Tolerant for the particular show you were watching.


  • TVGuardian Support: Don’t call DISH for help with the TVGuardian App. Please go to, where you can find more helpful information, or submit a request ticket. You many also help make TVGuardian better by letting our community know about missed words, and movie recommendations.


  • 95% Average Accuracy: TVGuardian will mute 100% of the foul language in many, if not most, TV shows and movies.  TVGuardian uses the closed captioning to detect foul language. In most TV shows and movies, the closed captioning is very accurate.  However, some movies have a word left out of the closed captions here and there, and TVGuardian will miss those words. Over time, you’ll experience an accuracy rate of better than 95%.
    • On rare occasion, a movie or TV show may have very poor closed captioning; consequently, the timing will be off throughout these particular show, and TVGuardian will not be able to catch the foul language.


  • Live events: TVGuardian does not filter foul language or modify closed captioning on live TV shows, such as sporting events, talk shows, or live news.


  • Movie Previews on Video on Demand don’t always have closed captioning, and foul language may not be muted.  To be safe, hit your mute button until the movie starts.


    • Set CC MODE to ON MUTE: This is the recommended and most popular setting. This setting pops up modified, profanity-free closed captioning only when foul language is muted.


    • HELL/DAMN Sub-Filter:  These two words trigger the most mutes.  If you want to limit the number of mutes, and you don’t mind hearing hell and damn, turn this setting to OFF.  The use of GD will still be filtered in the OFF setting.


  • Netflix, and Video On Demand:  TVGuardian will filter DISH VOD movies! It will not filter Netflix without the cooperation of Netflix.  When watching Netflix, video is being watched through the Netflix App software. TVGuardian must be added to the Netflix software to work.  If you want it, please ask Netflix to add TVGuardian Foul Language Filtering.


Settings Explained


      Mutes all words in TVGuardian’s dictionary, from words like sucks and butt, to the worst you can imagine.  Racial slurs are also muted.MODERATE – Allows the mildest words, but still mutes foul words that may be allowed during prime time broadcast TV these days.  Racial slurs are also muted.

      TOLERANT – Allows words that you might hear during prime time broadcast TV these days, and only mutes the most offensive words, like the F-word and others normally considered in the same category.


    • Sub-Filters:HELL/DAMN

      – ON mutes uses.  OFF allows uses, but uses of GD are still filtered.RELIGIOUS – ON mutes potentially offensive uses of God, Jesus and Christ and other deity terms.  The ON position assumes uses of these names are uses as expletives.  TVGuardian allows certain phrases like, “Thank God,” and “God Bless.”  OFF allows all uses except GD.

      SEXUAL REFERENCES – ON mutes references to male/female body parts, sexual orientation, and other similar terms that parents may not want their children exposed to until they feel it’s appropriate.  OFF allows uses.


  • CC MODES:ON MUTE – This is the recommended setting, if you do not want to see closed captioning all the time. This setting displays modified, profanity-free closed captioning only when foul phrases are muted.

    ON CONTINUOUS – Displays continuous modified, profanity-free closed captioning.

    OFF – TVGuardian only mutes foul phrases, and it does will not display closed captioning.


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