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TVGuardian Frequently Asked Questions

The TVGuardian technology is a very unique and revolutionary product that uses the closed-captioning to detect and mute profanity.  This technology has some limitations.

  • How does TVGuardian work?
    TVGuardian monitors the hidden closed-caption text in the background while you watch TV. Even though you usually do not see the closed-captions, they're required by law on TV shows and movies. TVGuardian reads the closed captions ahead of the audio, and knows what's going to be said, before it's said.  Each word is checked against a dictionary of more than 150 offensive words and phrases. When a foul word or phrase is detected, TVG automatically mutes the offensive language. .

    TVGuardian has multiple filter settings, include:  Strict, Moderate, Tolerant.  There are also these other settings to fine tune your experience: offensive religious uses, sexual references and Hell/Damn.
  • Does TVGuardian® filter 'God' and 'Jesus' when used as an expletive?
    TVGuardian does have a special setting to filter offensive uses of religious references. When the Religious setting is turned ON, TVGuardian filters all vain references to deity. When watching a program with a religious theme, you may want to turn the religious setting to OFF.
  • Does TVGuardian catch all offensive words and phrases?
    TVGuardian is very accurate. It does catch 100% in most movies and TV programs. It may miss a word from time-to-time if an error exists in the hidden closed captioning. On average it has better than a 95% accuracy rate.
  • Does TVGuardian work differently for TV than it does for DVD and Blu-Ray?
    TVGuardian for TV: You must have one of the following: cable/satellite box, DVR or digital converter box.  TVGuardian was primarily designed for TV. TVG Technology works by reading the closed-captions required by law for TV.  Because of this, TVGuardian technology will filter virtually every single TV Show and movie when watched on TV; this includes movies watched on Video-on-Demand, Pay-Per-View, HBO, Starz, Encore, Showtime, Cinemax, USA Network, TCM, TNT, you name the channel. . . you name the movie. . .  you name the TV Show. . . TVG will filter the language whether you're watching it live, or from a recording on your DVR.  The exception would be live events, like the news, talk shows and sporting events.  Good thing there's now an standard 7-second delay used for the broadcasters to catch surprises for live TV.

    TVGuardian for DVD: DVD is a different animal.  TVGuardian technology works with DVD, however, the needed closed-captions aren't on all the movies -- they aren't required by law on DVDs like TV.  Prior to 2009, virtually all movies released on DVD worked with TVGuardian -- the only exception were movies released by Universal Studios.  Lately, Hollywood has changed how they format closed-captions on DVD and only around 50% of the new releases work with TVG.  Once again, these same movies are filtered by TVGuardian when watched on TV.  You can tell if TVGuardian will work on a DVD by looking for the CC logo on the back of the box.  If it has the SDH (subtitles for the deaf and hearing impaired) logo, it will not work with TVG.

    TVGuardian for Blu-Ray:  DVDs with hidden closed-captions played on Blu-ray players upconverted to 1080p resolution will be filtered by TVGuardian with most Blu-ray players.  Some Blu-Ray movies do contain the closed-captions TVGuardian technology needs to detect foul language, however, not many do.  Blu-Ray primarily uses only subtitles, which cannot be read by TVGuardian.
  • Will TVGuardian filter streaming video like Netflix, Hulu and Vudu?
    There are new laws requiring steaming video to have closed captions too now, but the law doesn't require these services to provide 3rd party access to the closed captions.  Netflix does not give external devices like TVGuardian the ability to read the closed captions data; they only allow CC to be displayed.  Therefore, TVGuardian can only work with Netflix if we (and our customers) are able to convince Netflix into adding TVGuardian as a feature.
  • Why isn't TVGuardian just built into the Satellite and Cable boxes?
    We tried.  We really really tried.  Four years of hard work with more than 80 cable/satellite executive level meetings, and another 50 meetings in Washington with Senators, Congressmen and the FCC... even had several "we're doing it" answers by executives changed to "no we're not" by another executive with more authority.
  • Do I have to have cable or satellite?  What about an antenna for over-the-air TV?
    High Definition TV:  You must have HD cable, satellite or IPTV (AT&T U-verse or Verizon FiOS) type service.  The HD TVGuardian needs to be connected between the cable/satellite box and your TV with two HDMI cables.

    Standard Definition TV:  You must have a cable, satellite or IPTV box.  A VCR will work with cable instead of a cable box.  TVGuardian will be connected between one of these items and your TV using two composite (Red/White/Yellow) cables.

    Over-The-Air TV:  TVG will for over-the-air HD, however, TVGuardian HD must still be connected between the tuner and the TV.  Therefore, for over-the-air HD you must have something like a DVD/VCR Recorder with an ATSC tuner or a Tivo HD DVR.  For older standard TVs, you must have a DTV to Analog Converter Box and use a Standard Definition TVGuardian.  TVGuardian will need to be connected between the converter box and your TV using two composite (Red/White/Yellow) cables. 
  • Will TVGuardian work with Roku or Gaming Consoles?
    Roku and Gaming Consoles do not provide access to the closed captions data that TVGuardian needs; they only display CC.  Each individual app would have to add TVGuardian as a feature.  For instance, Netflix does not give external devices like TVGuardian the ability to read the closed captions data; they only allow CC to be displayed.  Therefore, TVGuardian can only work with Netflix if we (and our customers) are able to convince Netflix into adding TVGuardian as a feature. You might want to contact Netflix about adding TVGuardian Foul Language Filter to their instant video software.  We have not been able to convince them on our own.
  • Which DVD player or Blu-ray player should I buy?
    Whether you buy a DVD player or Blu-ray player:  It needs to have a composite video output. 
    For a DVD player, make sure it is an upconversion DVD player with HDMI (not progressive scan).
    Most upconversion DVD players and Blu-ray players that have a composite video output will work with TVGuardian, but not all. 
    Every Sony with a composite video output that we've tested works great! 
    Do not buy a new Magnavox, they do not pass through the closed captions over the composite video.
    You will need to change the video resolution on the player to 1080i.


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