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FAQ and Tips
Buy a DVD Player Activation Code
Only for those with a TVG Ready DVD Player. The Reg Key is displayed in your DVD Player's setup menu under TVG: $29.95
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TVGuardian HD (no longer produced)
Tip #1: HDMI - If using HDMI, you will watch TV with a direct HDMI connection from your cable or satellite box to your TV.  No HDMI cable is connected to TVGuardian
Tip #2: Use your original TV's remote during the mute learning steps, not the remote from your cable/satellite company.
Tip #3: Reduce muting by: 1) turn off H/D filter setting (GD still muted), 2) change filter mode to Moderate.
Tip #4: Dosen't unmute: Adjust IR eye position. It may not be directly over the IR sensor.